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Client Testimonials


"Going to Cindy's clases is like having your own Personal Trainer every day. Cindy keeps an eye on you making sure you are doing the exercises the correct way and takes time to discus methods every time I am there. This includes cardio and weights, step and kettlebells, and yoga classes.

Since attending Cindy's classes for 2 and a half years, I have lost 7 pounds, reduced my neck and shoulder pain, toned my arms for 6 weddings, strengthened my quads for skiing, and made some new friends, all of which were some personal goals I set for myself when moving here!"   


"As you know when I started I was pretty stiff because of the broken hip. I was pretty fearful of crashing again. But being indoors is so good! Then that stupid heart attack...need I say more. For a person who has no abs and whatever muscle wise. No pain after sessions thanks to Cindy's expertise. It is great to have you doing this class for us!"

Words I use to describe Cindy...positive, cheerful, encouraging, caring, knowledgeable, good communicator, watchful and variety.


"I always look forward to classes. I think you are a good teacher. Since I started in May 2014, my shoulders feel better."

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